Cutting-edge Episodes Coming to the “Faith on the Edge” Podcast

by Steve Kindle

Coming Up in January

January 5—”The Problem with the Bible” A conversation with biblical scholar, Dr. Ron Allen of the Christian Theological Seminary
Even the Bible revised its own traditions and laws through time. We look at those transitions and where we are today.January 12—”Who/What Is God?” We examine classical representations and see what postmodern insights can tell us.January 19—”What’s Up with the Trinity?” We discuss Dr. Robert Cornwall’s and Barrister Christopher Eyre’s recent books on the Trinity. Let’s just say for now that they don’t agree. (I know you’re shocked!)January 26—Dr. John J. Collins, a leading expert on all things apocalyptic, talks with me about it’s emergence and influence on the New Testament. Of particular interest is why most New Testament writers believed Jesus’ return was imminent, along with other apocalyptic missteps. (Satan, anyone?)

As you can see, the topics for January revolve around examining old topics from fresh perspectives. One of my deeply held convictions is that the church is mired in the 4th century and needs to somehow find its way out of this time warp and into the 21st. Even the Reformation stuck mostly with Iranaeus’ 2nd century Rule of Faith and the highly influential creeds from the Councils of Nicea and Calcedon. In the late 19th century, the Fundamentalists emerged and made the creeds even more restrictive adding anti-modernist protections. In the 20th century, remarkable progress was made in all areas of biblical concerns but too many churches have successfully ignored this. [For more on this see:]

My hope is that our podcasts will be helpful in promoting well-established, even consensus conclusions that will be used to broaden our congregations’ understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith. The scholars who discuss these issues with me need to be heard in the pews. Many pastors labor hard to bring the results of biblical research to their congregations. It is often arduous work and the attention they can place on this is shared by a multitude of other priorities. By sharing these episodes with friends, family, and congregants, our readers and listeners can aid these pastors more than you know. 

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