Episode 1: Why Listen to Faith on the Edge?

This is our inaugural episode. We answer the question, “Why should I spend time listening to this podcast?”
It’s short (9 minutes), so if it’s not for you, you can quickly move on. We do hope you’ll subscribe.
Podcasts will resume in January 2021

Future episodes will include experts in many of these categories:

What Is Progressive Christianity? Why Is It Necessary Today?
How the Bible Shapes Progressive Christianity
What Are Progressive Biblical Interpretive Values?
What to Make of  Adam and Eve in the 21st century
Living into an Open-ended Future
Apocalyptic Influence on the New Testament (including the origin of Satan, end-time judgment, world annihilation, and “The Late, Great Planet Earth”))
The “New Testament Church.” What is it (if anything)?

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  1. Hello Rev Kindle! I’m so happy that you are starting podcasts again. I have missed hearing your rich reflections and your discussions with Rev Bruce Epperly. In these past 9 months of covid, God has definitely been working with us and through us. Our congregation here in Weaverville has learned that, for sure, being church is not about being in a building! We have adapted to doing just about everything on Zoom and seem to be more closely connected with each other than ever! We are finding creative ways to support each other and I would say that we are thriving in spite of being in the “purple tier” as is much of California. The results of the election has given us great hope for the future of our country!
    I hope that you and your wife are doing well in your new location (Sacramento area as I recall?).
    Best thoughts to you always,
    Judy Walkner

    1. Good news about Trinity UCC. I have heard similar reports from other congregations, including Sierra CC in Loomis (my congregation). God is always active in whatever we find ourselves dealing with! Thanks for staying in touch.

  2. Excellent and provocative kickoff! I’ve just subscribed and look forward to hearing what’s to come… Thanks, Dale

    1. I hope this proves to be as edifying for you as your wonderful “Poems In A Pandemic” series is for me. Thanks for the encouragement.
      Just a reminder: the next episodes will begin in January 2021.

  3. Well done, Steve! I enjoyed listening to your introduction to the series and I look forward to hearing more. Rev. Heather Hennessey

    1. Thanks for commenting, Heather. My future episodes will include conversations with experts on various topics, so I can learn along with everyone else. It’s great to have you with us.

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