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  • Adam and Eve: Reading their story as ours 


    This begins by stating that the story of Adam and Eve is true. But just how is it true?
    Taking the story literally causes a host of problems: Adam and Eve can’t be fit into what we know of the evolutionary process; how could Cain build a city; the confusion of the serpent with Satan; the association of sex with sin; Eve as culprit harms all women. The truth is revealed in seeing this as a story about you and me and every human—how we choose against God, wish ourselves to be God, and suffer the consequences.


  • The Three-tiered Universe 


    Compares the biblical understanding of the cosmos of Genesis 1 with today’s scientific realities. Asks how we are to receive the biblical message in light of our modern understanding. Demonstrates that it unnecessarily creates distance between humanity and God, placing God away from the creation. Asks where God is found today, and answers with a radical immanence (God is found in all things, and in us, yet is not those things or us). Given such differences in how we understand our world introduces the need for a different way to approach the Bible.