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  • Apocalyptic Theology—The recurring failure of the ages


    Traces the biblical evolution of Satan from nonexistent to God’s arch enemy. This results in a dualism (God versus Satan) seen in apocalyptic theology. This drives much of Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christian thinking. (For instance: The Late Great Planet Earth or the Left Behind series). We address how these ideas arose, why apocalyptic always failed in its predictions, its effect on the New Testament, and how to live in a non-apocalyptic (non-dualistic) reality. Biblical prophecy fascinates, yet those who tell us how the future unfolds are always revising their timetables. This video explains why they get it wrong.


  • Living into the Open Future with God


    Does God know the future? Is there a plan for each person that God expects us to live out? Ecclesiastes says that “time and chance happen to all.” Perhaps life isn’t as fatalistic as some believe. This video examines biblical situations where God admits not knowing what will happen next. Rather than this being alarming, it frees us to create our own futures with God (or not!). Our lives then become our gifts back to the Giver of Life.

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