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  • Is Jesus the Only Savior? What about other religions?


    To properly address this question, we must first ask and answer: saved from what and for what? As we found in, “Unjumbling the Gospels,” we are presented with four different Jesuses and four different understandings of the meaning of the cross. There has never been a single accepted theory of the atonement, and there are at least four possibilities presented in the New Testament. Blood atonement seems ancient and a brutal way to effect reconciliation. And our increasing understanding of a God of love requires we move away from violence in all aspects of life, including religion. So, saying goodbye to hell removes the “eternal flames” from the “saved from what” question, and opens up new possibilities for the “saved for what” question. This also makes possible dialogue with our non-Christian friends in other religions. In stepping into this arena, we find we have much more in common than differences.

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