Part 4—MATTHEW: What’s a Jewish follower of Jesus to do?



Part Four: MATTHEW
“The Gospel According to Matthew” depicts a totally different situation than Mark’s congregation is facing. Matthew’s church is made up of Jewish followers of Jesus. They are trying to figure out how they fit into God’s plan for Israel now that they are rejected by their former Jewish brothers and sisters. “Matthew” draws upon the great traditions of Israel to help his congregation see that they are still very much a part of God’s people.  By showing Jesus’ link to the great ancestors of Israel, and situating Jesus as a type of Moses who brings a renewed vision of the Law (Sermon on the Mount), Matthew casts Jesus as one who doesn’t start a new religion, but reinvigorates the present one. This leads his congregation into territory they thought they would never traverse—inviting Gentiles into God’s people. This Gospel is packed with great insights for us today.


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