Doorways into Progressive Christianity

A comprehensive introduction to Progressive Christianity that revitalizes congregations and deepens faith

—A 12 video series—

Doorways into Progressive Christianity
—A 12 Video Series—
These twelve videos compare the biblical worldview and its understandings with modern realities and show the need for serious revision in our day. The result is a dynamic and transforming faith that can meet the challenges of our time. It begins with asking just what is Progressive Christianity and its answer for today, then goes into several biblical accounts which understood literally destroys their messages.

Some theological issues that have outlived their day are examined next, then how Jesus viewed the world—which we’ve lost touch with—and wraps up with questions about the Bible, salvation, and the future. Just scroll through the listings below and you will see the cumulative effect this can have on an audience, maybe even yourself.

This series is used best in congregational Bible studies or other groups in consecutive order. The effect is cumulative—for many, it leads to a whole new understanding of and appreciation for their faith.

What Is Progressive Christianity?

Adam and Eve: Their Story is Our Story

The Biblical Three-tiered Universe
Apcalyptic Theology: A Recurring Failure
Jesus V Caeser: The Struggle of Kingdoms Continues
Is My Bible Translation Any Good?
The Authority of the Bible
Stewardship: How God is Recreating the World
The Source of Biblical Disagreements
Salvation: From What and for What
Is Jesus the Only Savior?
Living into the Open Future with God

Videos in this set will be released one per month, the first video, “What is Progressive Christianity?” immediately. 

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