Month: August 2019

Process and Hope

Our episode on Process and Ecology examined the reality that the world is in serious trouble. The reality of the increasing danger of ecological disaster seems to be falling on deaf ears where it is most necessary to be heard. This can lead to hopelessness. In this episode, we discuss what Process Theology has to …

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Process and the Ecological Crisis

The world is waking up to the ecological disaster of global warming on the immediate horizon, but is it too late? Conservative Christians seem to think that it’s a non-issue since the world is to be destroyed anyway, and politicians care more about pleasing their corporate donors than clamping down on industries that are the …

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Episode 11 “Pluralism and Domestic Terrorism”

The recent events of domestic terrorism in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio bring important questions to the fore: What divides people today and why? And more urgently, what can be done to bring people together? Does Process Theology hold any insights that may help us answer these questions?

Episode 10 “The Power of Affirmative Faith”

Process affirms that we live in a world that is shaped not only by God but by humans as well. And that is for good or for ill. Dr. Epperly shows how our thoughts and affirmations become tipping points that lead us either into a healthy world or away from one.  We also delve into …

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