Month: January 2021

In the Face of Insurrection

Never in my lifetime, and probably yours, has America witnessed such a direct attack on its democracy from within as occurred on January 6th with the assault on the Capitol in Washington, D.C. In this episode, Dr. Bruce Epperly and I discuss the implications of this for American Christians. How are we to react in …

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God Simply Can’t!

We’re all familiar with the bogus question, “Can God create a rock so heavy that God can’t lift it?” Illogical questions such as this should not be considered worthy of a response. However, there are many questions, mostly ethical, that arise in biblical discussions such as why God permits evil. In this episode, Dr. Thomas …

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The Problem with the Bible

There’s a problem with the Bible? Yes, but it’s not the Bible’s fault! In this interview with one of the most productive scholars of the New Testament, Dr. Ron Allen, we look at how the Bible has been variously interpreted and why there is so much disagreement. We even suggest a path forward through the …

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