Month: February 2021

How to Avoid the Literalist Trap

by Steve Kindle It is said that the Bible can be used to prove anything. We’ve got all sorts of millennialists, faith healers, prosperity preachers, last days theorists, and even flat-earthers., just to name a few. They all claim biblical authority and will painstakingly point out why. There are Pentecostals (Jimmy Swaggart), anti-Pentecostals (John MacArthur), …

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Reimagining Church (with Eric Elnes)

The church in America is losing members at an alarming rate, especially among the Millennials and younger groups. The fastest-growing religious self-designation is “no religious affiliation,” the “Nones.” The reason most often given: irrelevancy. Dr. Eric Elnes is one of the most innovative pastors in America. He has built an enormous following among all age …

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Apocalyptic Theology: A Bane on the New Testament

Anyone moving from the Hebrew Bible to the New Testament is immediately confronted with a very different world of understanding. The Hebrew Bible knows of no eternal life, Hell, Satan as the arch-enemy of God, or a final judgment, just to mention a few radical changes. And most dramatically of all, the kingdom of God …

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