Episode 2

How Our of View of God Shapes Our Life This week’s episode asks how our view of God determines how we live in our world. The traditional views of Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence are examined and found inadequate. Dr. Epperly suggests ways that we can see them differently and more personally.  Enjoy!

Episode 1

EPISODE 1 Introducing the “Faith on the Edge” Podcast “The Bible: Navigating the Distance between Then and Now” The purpose of our podcasts is very simple. We want to join with other progressive Christians in formulating a faith for today’s church that is as viable in our time as was the church in earlier days. …

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Why Conservative Christians Don’t Get Progressive Christianity

by Steve Kindle Just Google “Progressive Christianity” and you will come across dozens of screeds against Progressive Christianity. They run the gamut from reasonably critical to outright pathological. Yet, they all have some things in common. Here’s a few of them: Their fallback position is “The Bible says.” Of course, the Bible doesn’t say anything. …

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