Episode 10 “The Power of Affirmative Faith”

Process affirms that we live in a world that is shaped not only by God but by humans as well. And that is for good or for ill. Dr. Epperly shows how our thoughts and affirmations become tipping points that lead us either into a healthy world or away from one.  We also delve into the misuse and misunderstandings of affirmations that are found in some New Age thinking and the Prosperity Gospel.  When affirmations become only about one’s own well-being, they become self-defeating. In conjunction with God, they become life-giving.  [26 min.]

Our book giveaway this week to the first person who comments is Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God.

In this brief, lively, and engaging book, Dr. Epperly untangles the difficult concepts of process theology and shows how we can envision a God who is in relation to us throughout our lives here and in the next world. He believes that “God is present at the moment of our conception, guides us through the adventures of this lifetime, urging us to rejoice in embodiment and bring healing to our world, and upon our final earthly breath receives us with open arms with visions of future adventures in communion with God and our fellow creatures.” Not only is this theology easy to understand, it challenges us to live out God’s adventure in with joy, sharing God’s life with all of God’s creatures.

It can be ordered here: https://aerbook.com/maker/productcard-1642605-909.html?

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