Episode 14 “Spiritual Decluttering”

We in American and in the West, generally, count a successful life as described in the bumper sticker, “The one with the most toys wins.” Accumulating the best and the most is our preoccupation in life. As Dr. Epperly explains, this leads to a stunted soul and the very opposite of the good life God desires for us. In this episode, we look at the signs of an over-cluttered life, the toll it takes on us and on the world, and what we might do to live a decluttered life. “Less is more,” becomes more than a slogan and certainly preferable to the amassing of toys.


Dr. Epperly’s book, Spiritual Decluttering, can be ordered here:

Spiritual Decluttering: 40 Days to Spiritual Transformation and Planetary Healing (Office Special)


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