Episode 15 “The Mystic Within Us”

Mystics are often misunderstood. They are thought to be otherworldly and not suited for normal life, loners and outliers. Dr. Epperly would like to change that attitude and replace it with the realization that all people are mystics in varying degrees and can gain great advantage in the world by deepening that realization. Process thought can aid us in this by recognizing that since God dwells in everyone and everything, the ability to discern God in all thing draws us closer to God and one another. So a mystic is one who is tuned into God’s presence and this is available to every person who desired this. Dr. Epperly discusses some of the ways we can deepen the mystic within us, and you may be surprised at how simple this can be. Gerald May’s approach is to pause, notice, open oneself, yield, respond. It’s as simple as that, but can be a lifetime investment as well.

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