Episode 19 — Heaven and the Afterlife

The Bible is not very concrete in its discussions about the afterlife. We have to deal mostly with metaphors and allegories. Perhaps the only straightforward declaration is “There will be no marriage or giving of marriage in heaven.” This means we don’t have much to go on except that it is clear that there will be an afterlife. You will note that pinning down its precise nature is elusive and probably beyond human comprehension. Yet there are clues, and we go into them. I ask Dr. Epperly where he begins to think about all this.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 19 — Heaven and the Afterlife”

    1. The answer to this question is bound up in the definition of salvation. The idea that we are given a choice in this life to choose between an eternity in heaven or hell is not one we champion. People who believe this see salvation as a transaction that can go either way. One may even be “saved” in this life and then lose it (unless you are a Baptist/Calvinist) in this life. We try to articulate salvation as both a this-worldly experience (relief from hellish conditions one can find oneself in) as well as finding the abundant life NOW that Jesus promises, and also as a condition that follows after death. I suspect you are more concerned about salvation after death. We understand that the love of God continues to accompany us after death in ways that will ultimately lead to complete absorption into the life of God. Whatever that entails. We can never lose that.

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