Episode 34 “The Weird Church” Part 2 of Reforming the Church

The early church was countercultural. In fact, it was the opposite of how the Roman Empire worked in the world. In other words, it was weird!  Can we say this about today’s church? What will it take to make the church, largely irrelevant to the Gen Xers and Millennials, vital again? This is our focus in today’s’ podcast.

6 thoughts on “Episode 34 “The Weird Church” Part 2 of Reforming the Church”

  1. Trinity Congregational UCC is known as the “weird church” in Weaverville! Why? Because we host yoga classes, Qi Gong classes, Feldenkrais classes, and Tai Chi classes in our Parish Hall. We open our Parish Hall as a venue for the community Art Cruise, a Prayer Shawl Ministry and a Healing Ministry (where we use prayer and Reiki to bring comfort and peace to the body, mind, and spirit).
    We also have a Grief Group and are in the beginnings of creating a “Green Team” that engages with a High School Club that is concerned about our environment. It feels like we are heading in the right direction. So, we embrace our nickname! I enjoyed your podcast today. It was very affirming of how this church has changed since the arrival of our Pastor Kacey Alexander!

    1. It is weird that any congregation that reaches out to its community by offering known useful services that may be from a tradition other than its own is called weird! It’s affirming that Jesus was seen as weird in his day, so his followers in ours should receive the same honorific. May you become even weirder and thereby more like Jesus. Knowing Trinity and Pastor Kacey as I do, it’s inevitable.

      1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that we have built a 7 circuit labyrinth on our property above the parsonage. It is available for community use and participation. Today, we had a class in the Parish Hall about the connections between the labyrinth and chakras. Yes, it’s inevitable! Wish you were closer, so you could come visit us!

  2. This has been one of the most informative and challenging podcasts in your series. From holding a ‘rummage sale’ to ‘being a rudderless church’ are both illustrative of the challenges a progressive congregation, such as mine, faces. I want to ask the congregation where I worship -…’what should we bring to our rummage sale?’

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