Episode 45 “Resurrection in a Time of Pandemic”

Death is all around us. The news reports often begin with the mounting death count in the world and our cities. By the time the news is over, the count is updated. We are increasingly made aware of friends and family who have been tested positive for the coronavirus, are hospitalized, or died. We wonder about the vulnerability of ourselves, and perhaps for the first time contemplate our own deaths. So, how do we celebrate resurrection in a time of pandemic? When Jesus’ conception was announced to Mary, the angel began with, “Fear not!” when Jesus made a post-resurrection appearance to the disciples, he began with, “Fear not.” Dr. Epperly examines how resurrection faith can move us from anxiety to fearless living today, in spite of the threat that is real and very much with us.


Dr. Bruce Epperly, internationally known author and Process Theology scholar, and Rev. Steve Kindle co-host these podcasts.  

Dr. Epperly just published a book that goes into greater detail about the content of this episode.
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Dr. Bruce Epperly, internationally known author and Process Theology scholar, and Rev. Steve Kindle co-host these podcasts.

2 thoughts on “Episode 45 “Resurrection in a Time of Pandemic””

  1. Thank you for this series on the subject of faith during the pandemic. I believe that it is an invitation to creativity (as one of you said). I have seen evidence of that at Trinity Congregational Church UCC here in Weaverville, CA. Fortunately, we are blessed with a very creative Pastor, Kacey Alexander!
    She understands the power of technology and has managed to convince congregants who are of “The Greatest Generation” and the “Baby Boomers” to show up on The past three Sundays for Zoom Worship. The attendence for Zoom Worship has been greater than the average Sunday in our Sanctuary! Oh, and we have a new website with an online giving option. She also did a Zoom Sunrise Service in our labyrinth, video taping herself as she walked singing “In The Garden”. We are having Zoom Study Group meetings every week. We are currently studying Rev. Epperly’s book, “The Mystic in You”, by the way! And we have an online sign up sheet for people to receive long distance Reiki sessions, sent by 2-3 Reiki Practitioners. WE ARE CONNECTED and supported by our faith and each other. Many blessings to both of you!

    1. Thanks, Judy, for this update on Trinity UCC. I’m finding similar online worship results in quite a few places. Community, however we make it, is more important than ever. Thanks for listening. And I certainly agree that you have a very creative pastor in Rev. Alexander. Stay tuned, and stay safe!

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