Episode 48 — “Grief in a Time of Pandemic”

It goes without saying – Everything has changed over the past two months – just think of it – we go outside with masks, we see rising death tolls, we shelter in place and don’t go to movies…no dinner out with friends…we can’t worship in our sanctuaries… we yearn for singing hymns with friends, going to choir practice, sharing stories during coffee hour – we see friends and congregants but keep our distance.  Many have lost their jobs or have had their pay significantly reduced.  Our sense of normalcy is gone and we are apprehensive about what will replace it.  In short, we grieve.

Today’s episode is devoted to the naming of the grief realities of our time and how this mixture of the good and the bad can lead us into a new reality, more attuned to our need for God’s vision for the world in relationship to one another. 


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