Episode 5 “The Lord’s Prayer and the 4th of July” Part 1

America is focusing on Independence Day this week. Given that the world is bounded by a relational and wholly connected God, not just to Christians, but to all people, Dr. Epperly and I are wondering how the world would look if Christians understood the Lord’s Prayer as a vehicle that can transform the world.

28 minutes

5 thoughts on “Episode 5 “The Lord’s Prayer and the 4th of July” Part 1”

  1. I may or may not be the first person to comment, but I do want to say that this podcast is very timely during the week of the 4th of July which celebrates the independence of our nation and consequently is supposed to stir great pride in our nation! But, in the background and (foreground for some of us) is the heartbreaking situation at our border which is certainly a good example of NOT living by the Lord’s Prayer. Thank you both for the work you do and for making these podcasts available to other seekers of “Truth to Power”.

  2. Jim MacNaughton

    Listening to this podcast Steve, I need to confess as a Canadian looking at my sisters and brother in the USA and the present US White House Administration I weep at the giant separation of ” Church” and State, more so than any other Administration that has ever been. For that matter the political agenda of the ” Far Right” is the very opposite of what the Lord’s Prayer calls all of humankind to do and to be, A Holistic path to healing of all of Creation. The community of all humankind has to be united for the common good of all. I do not hate those who refuse to acknowledge the presence of what a life lived in Christ is able to achieve, but I am terribly disturbed at the rhetoric of hate, intolerance, bigotry and narcissistic needs over and against everything that is the opposite of the fruits of the Spirit and what those characteristics have the power to help us co-create a better world. Jim

    1. That fact that you, as a Canadian, feel the distance between the Lord’s Prayer and how our current Administration sees its purpose is quite striking. You have every right to point this out as the LP is truly a universal call for the end of oppression and the upholding of justice for all. It transcends borders, cultures, and ethnicities without becoming autocratic, as it is founded in love for all. Thank you.

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