Episode 50 — “Pentecost in a Time of Pandemic”

The accomplishments of the early church were unheard of in its day—and in ours. In a word, those gathered in this Jewish community of Jesus followers had to rethink everything about their faith. How do we welcome Gentiles? What is our obligation to the Law of Moses? Do we continue worshiping in the synagogue? What do we do with class distinctions since we are called to be one? How do we live in an empire opposed to the realm of God? And so many more challenges.

To put it bluntly, this early community was able to overcome the greatest barrier to transformation: resistance to change. As you look at our situation today where churches across America are prohibited from gathering to worship and evangelistic and outreach opportunities are quite limited, where we may never return to what we think of as normal, I Ask Dr. Epperly if he sees  any parallels with Luke’s church, and if so, what can we learn from their experience?

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Faith in a Time of Pandemic


A brief guide to responding faithfully in a time of fear such as the current (2020) pandemic.

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