Episode 52 — “The Lord’s Prayer in a Time of Pandemic and Protest”

The Lord’s Prayer has survived for nearly 2000 years for good reason. There has not been an age or condition that it has not brought comfort to, perhaps rivaled only by the 23rd Psalm. Of late, the prayer has become more of a personalized mantra. We have lost touch with its ability to transform society. In this and our next episode, Dr. Epperly and I will examine just how the prayer can be used to refresh our sense of human oneness and God’s presence in this time of trouble. 


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1 thought on “Episode 52 — “The Lord’s Prayer in a Time of Pandemic and Protest””

  1. Several things about this podcast struck me personally. The comment that ‘white men were given prerogatives that others don’t have was startling, not because it is true, but that I don’t even think about it! That bothers me.
    Second, the comment that this virus has brought the nation (and the world for that matter) to its knees was a sobering confession of truth.
    Third, the curse of slavery, through which “God chose the white man” to be dominant is a cruel misstatement of God’s inclusive Grace.

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