Episode 21 — Rerun: “The Future of Process Theology”

Although Process thought has been around for centuries (it might even claim as far back as Heraclitus), it isn’t until the 20th century that it came into its own. Since then it has captured the imagination of theologians, professors. and pastors, including Dr. Bruce Epperly, who happens to be all three!

In this episode, we discuss the state of Process today and look to what the future may hold. There is a convocation of Process theologians meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska, this week, and we will be commenting on the proceedings there in the coming episodes.

Our publisher, Energion Publications, is offering a free copy of Dr. Epperly’s book, “Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God,” to the first person to comment on this episode.


To purchase the book, https://energiondirect.com/product/process-theology-embracing-adventure-with-god-2/

In this brief, lively, and engaging book, Dr. Bruce Epperly untangles the difficult concepts of process theology and shows how we can envision a God who is in relation to us throughout our lives here and in the next world. He believes that “God is present at the moment of our conception, guides us through the adventures of this lifetime, urging us to rejoice in embodiment and bring healing to our world, and upon our final earthly breath receives us with open arms with visions of future adventures in communion with God and our fellow creatures.” Not only is this theology easy to understand, it challenges us to live out God’s adventure in with joy, sharing God’s life with all of God’s creatures. 

3 thoughts on “Episode 21 — Rerun: “The Future of Process Theology””

  1. Michael Backlund

    Steve and Bruce, thank you for this most interesting conversation! When I myself first read some 40 plus years ago the startling idea that God is not omnipotent and that God changes/evolves, and when I was able to process that, no pun intended, a personal transformative journey began. It has been rewarding to move the folks I preach to/speak with gently away from the standard theism model of North American Christian culture into the more fruitful panentheism model. For me, abandoning the attitude of an “on-my-knees,” sheep-like supplicant/slave vis-a-vis the divine and then adopting the “companion” attitude, or what I like even better, the “collaborator” attitude, has both enhanced my sense of personal dignity, the dignity of all people, the dignity of this planet, our “island home,” and even God’s dignity. As God changes, we change. As we change, God changes. Or something like that. And therein, it seems to me, is found at least partially the awesome divine invitation to collaborate in bringing about the peaceable and equitable “kingdom” in this world.

  2. Reginald Nichols

    Enjoyed the podcast enlightened by the fact that we are in a relationship with a God that wants the best for us and wants us to give our best to help others. To bring joy to earth and mankind. [Edited]

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