Episode 7 “How Ruth’s Experience Parallels Our Struggle with Emigration”

The travails of a Moabite widow, Ruth, from her status as a foreigner and lower-class woman to the great-grandmother of King David, parallel much of what is happening on America’s southern border. Dr. Epperly and I draw out these parallels and suggest how the Torah and Jesus dealt with these issues, and can lead us out of this most egregious predicament.  24 minutes

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4 thoughts on “Episode 7 “How Ruth’s Experience Parallels Our Struggle with Emigration””

  1. I was completely absorbed by this edition of the podcast. When Bruce related that the stranger could be God’s revelation, I could feel a chill, and when he continued later in his narrative that said stranger could be the source of incarnation, I was accordingly moved, especially since our current national drama and those of other Democracies are viewing the same drama today through a similar lens. Your joint narrative was so right on!

    1. The treatment of its Ruths and Naomis continues throughout the world. Even here in the USA. Perhaps especially in the USA as you so rightly point out. When will the church take up the role of the Bible and become a source of counter-cultural justice?

  2. The thing that keeps coming up for me is the immigrant situation then, and now. How you both brought this to the forefront gives deeper understanding to how we must continue striving for justice among the “other” among us. Isn’t it amazing how in season the word continues to be?

    1. You captured exactly what we were hoping would be evident. And, yes, the Bible continues to be relevant after 2-3000 years, especially now the Psalms of Lament!

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