Episode 1


Introducing the “Faith on the Edge” Podcast
“The Bible: Navigating the Distance between Then and Now”

The purpose of our podcasts is very simple. We want to join with other progressive Christians in formulating a faith for today’s church that is as viable in our time as was the church in earlier days. It’s obvious and disturbing to many that Christianity has been co-opted by those who use it to promote political agendas far removed from the egalitarian vision of Jesus.  Others promote a kind of Christianity that equates it with Americanism to the point that one doesn’t know where one begins and the other leaves off. We find these efforts have stunted American Christianity and the vision that God has for our world. Our podcasts will be in conversation with each other and leading pastors and scholars who are helping us find our way out of this and back into the refreshing waters of a reinvigorated faith.

Interpreting the Bible has been compared to crossing over a bridge that spans 3,000 years. Most people would not recognize where they arrive in the biblical world. Imagine if Abraham were plunked down in the Rome of Jesus’ day. He would be bewildered and would not know how to navigate this strange new world. Yet, for most Bible readers, they assume that the biblical world requires no reorientation. It’s as easy as reading the morning newspaper or newsfeed.

This week’s podcast discusses the reasons why Dr. Epperly and I believe the core doctrines of Christianity need to be reassessed. We will see how the modern understanding of our world requires a revision of these doctrines.

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Dr. Bruce Epperly, internationally known author and Process Theology scholar, and Rev. Steve Kindle co-host these podcasts.  

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6 thoughts on “Episode 1”

  1. Jim MacNaughton

    Dear Steve, it is so good to see you ” back in the saddle”!!! The older Pastor to Pew forum was really appreciated and I look forward to viewing and interacting with this newest endeavour!! Thank you, and Blessings going forward. Jim

  2. I once learned that jailers passed out The Bible in prison. This is interesting because the jailers and the inmates are like bees and flowers, neither probably really know how to approach such a source. It’s like saying, “this good will help your bad”… But doesn’t the Bible make most people feel ignorant, especially in hyper capitalism, especially in a society where people have such vast ranges of perceptual skill.

    And so many just default to the cross as sustenance and are able to identify and project whatever they wish, in whatever mode that fits.

    1. I agree that many approach the Bible with either preconceived notions (for which they find support), or “face value” interpretations which are also misleading. Interpreting the Bible is tricky business.

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