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  • Apocalyptic Theology—The recurring failure of the ages

    Traces the biblical evolution of Satan from nonexistent to God’s arch enemy. This results in a dualism (God versus Satan) seen in apocalyptic theology. This drives much of Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christian thinking. (For instance: The Late Great Planet Earth or the Left Behind series). We address how these ideas arose, why apocalyptic always failed in its predictions, its effect on the New Testament, and how to live in a non-apocalyptic (non-dualistic) reality. Biblical prophecy fascinates, yet those who tell us how the future unfolds are always revising their timetables. This video explains why they get it wrong.


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  • Jesus Versus Caesar: A clash of kingdoms 

    John Dominic Crossan famously said that Jesus’ vision for the world would be “how the world would look if God sat on Caesar’s throne.” The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Caesar are two entirely different ways of being in the world. Caesar’s is based on kleptocracy–the ability of the elite to steal/keep as much power and wealth for themselves at the expense of the people. Jesus wants the world ordered in a more egalitarian way where all participate in the earth’s bounty, and justice is distributive, not retributive. This video follows how Jesus’ teachings clashed with Rome’s and finally ended in the only way it could: Jesus executed as an enemy of the state. Taking a cue from Luke 4, we see Jesus’ view of the Kingdom of God as an implementation of Jubilee.



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  • The Authority of the Bible: It can be freeing or onerous—Which?

    Just what is biblical authority? How is the authority of the Bible derived? Who determines the outcome? This video examines the ways the Bible has been used through the centuries to order people’s lives and the church. Depending upon the person or authority yielding the power to determine biblical teachings, it was often abused. It will be seen that the Bible has never been able to successfully achieve unity on even the smallest of matters. This, however, is not the Bible’s problem—the problem is the way the Bible has been interpreted or abused. Another important consideration is in what we expect from the Bible. Once we determine just what the Bible is intended to be, or can become, we will eliminate all the dead ends we’ve been forced down and find our way into what its legitimate claim on us is.

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