If you are comfortable saying things like, “the Johannine Jesus,” or “the Markan Jesus,” to your congregation, you are to be complimented. Your congregation’s biblical literacy is high. Most of us just get blank stares when we go there. Wouldn’t it be nice to seriously upgrade their biblical understanding?

Most of us preach from the Gospels regularly. This often requires having to provide certain amounts of background to catch the people up to the text before we can begin to preach on it. We will never totally eliminate the need for background, but wouldn’t it be helpful not to have to do it so often?

For most congregants, the Gospels are all jumbled up in their minds. The idea that each has its own story to tell and presents us with different ways of looking at Jesus, discipleship, and the church is lost on them. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We are introducing “Unjumbling the Gospels,” a six part series of video studies that presents each Gospel in its unique setting and readily distinguishes itself from the others.

Congregants will be able to identify

  • the purpose of each Gospel
  • its distinctive message
  • its unique view of Jesus
  • how it understands discipleship
  • what the congregation was facing that necessitated each Gospel
  • how each Gospel sees the meaning of the cross for both discipleship and atonement
  • each Gospel’s theological contribution to the church today

This is accomplished through six webinars

Part 1 “Why four Gospels and not just one life of Jesus?” Free to view (video only–Available now)
Part 2 “Mark—Jesus as the Perfect Disciple” [January 2nd — 10am PST]
Part 3 “Matthew—Jesus as a Faithful Jew Like Moses” [January 9th — 10am PST]
Part 4 “Luke—Jesus Show Us How to Live in the Roman Empire” [January 16th — 10am PST]
Part 5 “John—Jesus as the Model of God at Work in Our World” [January 23rd — 10am PST]
Part 6 “So, Which Jesus Emerges?” [January 30th — 10am PST]

How This Works

Download Part 1 for evaluation here.

The entire series of webinars is only $60.  
Vidoes of each session will be sent to all who register regardless if they attend the live events.

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