What is Progressive Christianity? Theology for our day


Introduces the need for a reexamination of our faith. Looks at the biblical worldview and compares it to modern day realities. Asks if the Bible is a textbook with answers to all our questions, or an invitation to enter into a dynamic relationship with God. Shows how the Bible constantly revised itself and offers us permission and methods to do the same.



Progressive Christianity recognizes that the world has moved on in its understanding of how the world works—and that Christianity hasn’t. Most denominations and many Christians still live in the 4th century of the church. That is, they accept the creedal formulations of that age, as well as the prescientific worldview, as relevant to our own, even though they are based on understandings that our age longer finds credible. This video looks at the Bible from the perspective of the Twenty-first Century. The three-tiered universe is replaced with modern cosmology, yet Genesis 1 still informs us about our world. The Theory of Evolution no longer supports a literal Adam and Eve, but Genesis 3 teaches us much about ourselves. The Bible, itself, is shown to be an evolving document that states positions and then moves on from them, even contradicting earlier pronouncements. Understanding our faith is a matter of doing what the Bible does: learn from the past and modify teachings based on the present. This video undertakes that process.



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