Apocalyptic Theology: A Bane on the New Testament

Anyone moving from the Hebrew Bible to the New Testament is immediately confronted with a very different world of understanding. The Hebrew Bible knows of no eternal life, Hell, Satan as the arch-enemy of God, or a final judgment, just to mention a few radical changes. And most dramatically of all, the kingdom of God moves from the prophetic vision of an ever-increasing world-awareness of the magnificence of Yahweh to a violent overthrow of the world that precedes the imposition of the kingdom.  How did these come about? In this episode, we have the benefit of an interview with the world’s leading expert in apocalyptic theology, Dr. John J. Collins, of Yale Divinity School. He will shed light on much of this, and additionally, why Paul advised against marriage, didn’t condemn slavery, and counseled coexistence with the Roman Empire, among other engaging topics. 

Webinar Available

I created a webinar, “Apocalyptic Theology: How its view of history leads to misconceptions about God and our world.” We look at how apocalyptic thinking arose during the Babylonian Captivity and its exposure to dualistic Zoroastrianism, its flowering in the Intertestamental Period, and how it influenced virtually all of the New Testament. I’m offering the recorded version of it here. [1 hour 10 minutes]



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