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Our Mission: Revitalizing the church for the 21st century

There is a serious disconnect when people read the Bible today. When Genesis is read people recognize that the biblical world of a three-tiered universe is not their own. They don’t see a natural relationship between blood and forgiveness, as did the ancients. Or when they open the New Testament and discover a Messiah born of a virgin and a Satanic adversary of God and humanity, they suspend any modern notions of how the world works, at least for the moment. These (and many other biblical notions) certainly made sense for a people of a certain time but fail to resonate with many in our day. Including many Christians. We are worlds apart from the church of the fourth century that gave us our present-day creeds and doctrines. Faith on the Edge wishes to engage our congregations with information that can assist congregations in widening their theological horizon and marry our faith with our time. We will do this in a variety of ways.

  • We publish timely posts connecting progressive theology to issues of our day.
  • We identify various approaches to implementing personal and congregational faith-growth.
  • We offer courses on biblical and theological topics for personal and congregational use that incorporate scholarly conclusions.
  • We occasionally present Webinars on subjects of interest.

Nothing is more important in my view than leading congregations to the realities of modern biblical and theological scholarship that has turned Christianity away from an insular and triumphalist religion that seeks to overcome all opposition, and into a partner in humanity’s search for the ennobling Spirit that lives in all things. 

O God, may we have eyes to see and hearts to follow.

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