Zoom Bible Study for Progressives

Many people are looking for a safe place to gather with others to share in the quest for a relevant faith in the 21st century. We are either Christians or seekers who find our received faith wanting and look to the Bible and each other for fresh insights. We start with two fundamental givens; the results of critical biblical research must be respected (but not always approved), and the Bible’s worldview(s) need to be reconstructed for our time (they do not naturally explain who we are or our world). We meet on Zoom.  ALL are welcome.

This Bible Study is temporarily suspended until October. Watch this space for our next date.

OUR NEXT TOPIC: Is the subject of the incarnation limited to only Jesus? Might there be others, even ourselves? Part of Progressive thought is panentheism, the idea that God is within all things, human and otherwise. If that is the case, incarnation in us is a given. The question is to what degree? This has serious implications for the problem of evil, the most difficult of life’s questions.

OTHER TOPICS WE PURSUE: Progressive Christianity: Why it arose and what it accomplishes. What does it have to say about the problem of evil, other religions, the Bible, the purpose of Christianity, and Jesus (to name just a few)? [Date to be announced]


I will be leading this Bible study and hope to have you with us on this journey.
—Pass this page on to friends who might be interested—They can enroll here as well.

Steve Kindle, President
Faith on the Edge and Pastor2Pew

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We want this to be a safe place for inquiry and discussion. All are welcome and encouraged to participate. You will receive a reminder email a day or two before the class with the link and suggestions to prepare. I look forward to being with you.