Month: September 2019

Episode 18 “Is Salvation Inclusive of All?”

The idea in Process thought that God is in all things, including all people, and all things are in God, suggests that the fate of the universe is shared by all. So if there is salvation, it must be universal. This week we discuss salvation as wholeness–that what may have been broken in our lives …

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Episode 17 “Salvation of the Individual”

In this episode, I ask Dr. Epperly if he’s “saved.” The ensuing conversation covers how we imagine the afterlife, and can it have this-worldly consequences? Is survival after death the most important thing in life, or is this life our calling, with survival after death a lesser motivation? Is our survival individual and grounded in …

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Episode 16 “What Is Salvation?”

Episode 16 — “The Meaning of Salvation” This podcast is the first of several we are devoting to the meaning of salvation. This separates many Christian communities today, even as it has throughout the millennia. It also determines our politics. How we look at who’s in and who’s out forms our basic outlook toward the …

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Episode 15 “The Mystic Within Us”

Mystics are often misunderstood. They are thought to be otherworldly and not suited for normal life, loners and outliers. Dr. Epperly would like to change that attitude and replace it with the realization that all people are mystics in varying degrees and can gain great advantage in the world by deepening that realization. Process thought …

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Episode 14 “Spiritual Decluttering”

We in American and in the West, generally, count a successful life as described in the bumper sticker, “The one with the most toys wins.” Accumulating the best and the most is our preoccupation in life. As Dr. Epperly explains, this leads to a stunted soul and the very opposite of the good life God …

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