Apocalyptic Webinar

Apocalyptic Theology: Its Origin and Damaging Influence on the New Testament

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This webinar was held on October 17, 2019. The full recorded webinar is now available for purchase.

Apocalypticism had an enormous effect on the early church. It permeates the New Testament. It has its origin in the late books of the Hebrew Bible, comes into its own in the Intertestamental period, and arrives full force in the New Testament. Its expectations failed to materialize, yet apocalyptic thinking continues to influence our day. Why the New Testament writers were misled, and the implications of this for biblical understanding are the subjects of this webinar. Without this knowledge, we are held at arm’s length from the full story and misapply much of it.

In this webinar: 

  • You will follow the development of apocalyptic thought from its absence in the Hebrew Bible to its dominance in the New Testament
  • You will see how the Satan character evolved from God’s companion in heaven to God’s mortal enemy on earth
  • You will see why most of the New Testament books were written by people who believed Jesus would return in their lifetime (generation)
  • We must deal with the reality that this highly anticipated Second Coming of Jesus failed to happen and how this affects biblical understanding
  • You will see how dualism entered Israel’s thinking and how it changed both Judaism and Christianity
  • You will understand where the doctrine of the Second Coming came from and why it failed to happen
  • You will understand why this failure is ‘Good News” even if Jesus believed it (if he did)
  • You will learn why the prognostications built around the Second Coming, such as “the signs are all fulfilled,” the Battle of Armageddon, the 1000 year reign of Christ on earth, always fail
  • We will look at the harm that false prophets of the Second Coming contribute to world politics
  • We will see the toll apocalypticism and dualism have taken on the New Testament and how Christianity has never recovered from it.
  • You will see how an apocalyptic and dualistic free Christianity can and must operate in our day.

Added benefits:

  • You will gain insight into how a literal understanding of Scripture often creates harm
  • You will also see how an open future, a future that has not been predetermined, is an exciting way to live today and propels us deeper into participating in fulfilling the petition, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
  • You will become acquainted with the Intertestamental Period [the time between Malachi and Matthew] and how it shaped the future

“He will awaken your mind! He will cause you to rethink
old ideas. He will thrill your soul!”
Rev. Dr.David Downing, former Regional Minister (DOC)

“Very seldom does a life-changing experience come
along. This surely is one.”
Samantha Bingaman, Stockton, CA

“Steve Kindle is that rare combination of scholar and
activist with a heart for the oppressed. Plus, he’s
entertaining!” Rodney Powell, MD

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