The Problem with the Bible

There’s a problem with the Bible? Yes, but it’s not the Bible’s fault! In this interview with one of the most productive scholars of the New Testament, Dr. Ron Allen, we look at how the Bible has been variously interpreted and why there is so much disagreement. We even suggest a path forward through the …

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There Is No Bible

by Steve Kindle In a very real sense, there is no such thing as the Bible. Especially in such statements as, “The Bible says….” Oh, sure, there are books that have “Holy Bible” imprinted on them. The Bible is an anthology, really; composed of 66 compositions written over a 1000-year period by many known and …

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Cutting-edge Episodes Coming to the “Faith on the Edge” Podcast

by Steve Kindle Coming Up in January January 5—”The Problem with the Bible” A conversation with biblical scholar, Dr. Ron Allen of the Christian Theological Seminary Even the Bible revised its own traditions and laws through time. We look at those transitions and where we are today.January 12—”Who/What Is God?” We examine classical representations and …

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