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  • Jesus Versus Caesar: A clash of kingdoms 

    John Dominic Crossan famously said that Jesus’ vision for the world would be “how the world would look if God sat on Caesar’s throne.” The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Caesar are two entirely different ways of being in the world. Caesar’s is based on kleptocracy–the ability of the elite to steal/keep as much power and wealth for themselves at the expense of the people. Jesus wants the world ordered in a more egalitarian way where all participate in the earth’s bounty, and justice is distributive, not retributive. This video follows how Jesus’ teachings clashed with Rome’s and finally ended in the only way it could: Jesus executed as an enemy of the state. Taking a cue from Luke 4, we see Jesus’ view of the Kingdom of God as an implementation of Jubilee.



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  • Why We Disagree about the Bible and What to Do about It

    This video looks at the history of biblical interpretation and concludes that there has never been anything like a consensus view of how to interpret it. As time moves on, change takes its inevitable toll. Consequently, those who think they have found the “absolute truth” of anything are fighting not only against logic, but against history itself. As James Russell Lowell put it, “New occasions teach new duties, Time makes ancient good uncouth.” Modern psychology muddies the interpretive waters even more by pointing out the many ways humans find outcomes that satisfy preconceived notions. And we must factor in how worldviews shape our interpretive outcomes. What to do about it? Live tentatively and humbly in our world.

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