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Walk Your Congregation or Yourself through a Doorway into Progressive Christianity

“Doorways into Progressive Christianity” are just that: significant ways to introduce progressive Christian themes to congregations and individuals. This is done in part by looking at the implications of a literal understanding of a text, and then offering alternative possibilities. We make comparisons of the biblical worldview with our modern-scientific one which draws out the reality that the Bible is a product of its time and needs to be translated into our own.  This produces many an “aha” moment. An illustrative Study Guide accompanies each video.

“What Is Progressive Christianity?”
Available Now

“Adam and Eve: Reading their story as ours”
Available Now

“The Three-tiered Universe: The  biblical view of the cosmos”Available Now

“Apocalyptic Theology: The recurring failure of the ages”–Available Now

“Jesus Versus Caesar: The struggle continues”
Available Now

“Is My Bible (Translation) Any Good?”
Available Now

“The Authority of the Bible: How it functions in today’s world”Available July 2019

“Stewardship: How God is recreating the world” Available August 2019

“The Source of Biblical Disagreements:
Why we disagree about the Bible”

Available September 2019

“Salvation : From what and for what? An examination of the human condition”
Available October 2019

“Is Jesus the Only Savior? What about the other world religions?”
Available November 2019

“Living into the Open Future with God: Why life isn’t programmed, fatalistic, or preordained”
Available December 2019

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