God Simply Can’t!

We’re all familiar with the bogus question, “Can God create a rock so heavy that God can’t lift it?” Illogical questions such as this should not be considered worthy of a response. However, there are many questions, mostly ethical, that arise in biblical discussions such as why God permits evil. In this episode, Dr. Thomas J. Ord and I examine such questions and–well, to put it mildly–discover that “God can’t” do many things. Really? Well, listen in and see if you agree. We also dive into the issue of the open future. He has a lot of interesting observations on both subjects and more. 

Dr. Oord  is a theologian, philosopher, and multidisciplinary scholar who directs a doctoral program at Northwind Theological Seminary and the Center for Open and Relational Theology. He formerly taught for sixteen years as a tenured professor at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho. He is the author or editor of more than twenty books and hundreds of articles. Oord is known for his contributions to research on love, open theism, postmodernism, the relationship between religion and science and evangelical theology. 




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