The Problem with the Bible

There’s a problem with the Bible? Yes, but it’s not the Bible’s fault! In this interview with one of the most productive scholars of the New Testament, Dr. Ron Allen, we look at how the Bible has been variously interpreted and why there is so much disagreement. We even suggest a path forward through the thicket that is biblical interpretation.

Dr. Allen, a native of Poplar Bluff Missouri and ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), is Professor of Preaching, and Gospels and Letters, Emeritus. He served at CTS from1982 to 2019. In retirement, his current project is You Never Step into the Same Pulpit Twice: Preaching from the Perspective of Process Theology. Allen’s most recent publication is the fruit of 40 years of research and teaching: I Will Tell You a Mistery: A Commentary of Preaching from the Book of Revelation (Cascade, 2019).

Here’s one way to order the book:

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  1. Yay! Great to have “Faith on the Edge” back. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. I am going to re-read my old copy of Martin Buber’s “I-
    thou”. I am very interested in how to be able to talk with someone who is so SURE that every word in the Bible is literal and uses that to hurt other people.
    This, of course, is true on a personal level and also very evident on a societal level.
    Thank you for continuing your podcasts with such interesting guests!
    Best thoughts,
    Judy Walkner

    1. Yes, it is good to be back and I’ve lined up some more world-class scholars to delve more deeply into the good work they are doing. I appreciate your support and encouragement very much.

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